STORE: Last 3 copies of my purple cover book left and now DISCOUNTED from 65$ to 44.95$!

Martin Perreault

New addition to my naugthy store at!!!

While organizing my storage products room, I discovered an hidden box that contained 1 blue cover &  3 purple cover of my book Bianca Beauchamp: Fetish Sex Symbol. I could not believe it myself as I was so sure sold them all long time ago.  Fans will be happy to hear I have 3  purple cover left (the only one blue found got sold already).

NOW ON SALE AT 44.99$ instead of 65$.

All 3 books have light minor defects caused by press. The defect show only at the bottom of the first couple of pages (endpages mostly). The rest of the book with the photos and my written thoughts is fine. check example photo to see the minor defect, and scroll down to see pics of the rest of the book (well, some part of course not all of it)


preview of my book and lot more waiting for you to discover! Enjoy them now as I doubt I will find more hidden 🙂