SOLD: White Mermaid + Heels


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This sale is for 3 items: 1 white gipsy skirt, 1 matching white mini top, 1 pair of white heels


These collector items are a glam outfit from Bianca Beauchamp’s own costumes wardrobe collection.  Bianca wore this outfit for photo shoots and on personal occasions. 

USED IN PHOTO SHOOT: Exotic Lure, Wet’n Wild Mermaid
LOCATION SHOT: Thailand, Jamaica
YEAR SHOT: 2015, 2008
TAGS/SIZE: outfit one size, shoes US5

Items comes with a certification of authenticity, signed both by Bianca Beauchamp (model) and Martin Perreault (photographer).

Items comes with 2 autographed  photos (by Bianca) 8.5×11 embossed with Bianca’s seal, from one photo shoot where this outfit was photographed

Disclaimer: As per our credit card processor’s Policies, item have been properly washed.

Additional Information

Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 32 x 23 x 4 cm

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