Veiled Nudity

Lace is probably one of the classiest and most sensual fabric that has ever been invented and  yet I rarely wear it. It’s not that I don’t like it, to the contrary! It’s just not that easy to find lace outfits that come in my size and fit my very big 32FF boobies :-) So when Russian model and designer Agna Devi approached me to offer me to create custom made outfits such as this white lace catsuit, I jumped on the offer!  Never before in my life had I seen a lace catsuit, and even less one that comes  with attached feet.

It did look tiny and so light in my hand: I almost had my doubts wither if it would fit me, when in fact, it just fit like a glove!  When I put it on and touch myself with the tip of my fingers, the soft lace texture pleased me a lot. And when I looked in the mirror, I got truly impressed: the ivory color was contrasting nicely with my honey skin and  { read more… }

Lace Catsuit: Agna Devi
Photos: Martin Perreault 
Make-up & Hair : Bianca Beauchamp
Location: Montreal

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