Bedroom Drill

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When I reflect on my life and interests, I realize that there is indeed a mini Lara Croft living within me. All the kick ass activities that I’ve done in my life such as bungee jumping twice, riding my motorcycle or scuba diving as deep as 60 feet are filled with adrenaline rushes that I simply can’t live without. In a strange way, although I am a city girl, I love the wilderness and all the crazy adventures I can find out there.

But I can’t always dress up as Lara nor can I always sky jump or ride a horse somewhere at an exotic destination. Sometime, my inner Lara just has to be dressed up with a cap hat, a sport bra and Brazilian panties to feel accomplished. And even Lara needs to stay put once in a while hence the coziness and comfort of this bedroom.

It’s a different look but I guess you will dig it. Surprise surprise: I am more a tomboy than a girly girl. Actually…. not really. I am both. And also a Femme Fatale. I guess we should thank my many personalities for the various type of shootings I give you in here ;-)

So who’s with me for this sexy bedroom drill of mine? I promise I won’t kick your ass unless you ask for it :-p

Photos: Martin Perreault
Location: Montreal, Canada


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