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If you’ve been a long time fan, you know by now that through my humble modeling career, I have embraced many times the so many sides of me. On one photo, I can express the “Femme Fatale” in me, on the other, I can show a softer and more vulnerable side of me, an on another, I let out all the bubbly & fun part of me. Many people have asked me how I got started in this business. I always answer I did it out of passion, love, faith, but also self-therapy.

As you see, when I started modeling, I was only 18 years old. I had all the fire in my guts to change the world. But I did lack self confidence and I was trapped trying to figure out where I could fit. I was smart but what is smartness with no confidence? And I was a Lolita 😉 A kinky one at that! Since as far as I can remember, I have always been open minded to sexuality and its many faces. With that state of mind, I let in latex into my life.

I wasn’t that sure of myself, thinking maybe this material did not suit my body features, but I gave it a chance because it was new, and new is something frightening and therefore, it became a challenge for me to face some parts of myself.

A little later, I accepted to model for Martin. Another fear of myself: of being/looking ridiculous. To the world or to myself, I was so hard on myself that I could not stand one mistake. I was aiming for perfection. But then I realized that I was looking for something that doesn’t exist. An utopian idea that was poisoning my young life.

The day I accepted that nothing is perfect and will never be, and that there is no such things as a perfect photo, is the day that my modeling skills improved. I not only gave a chance to that marginal career, I also gave a chance to myself and to use this career to express, exorcise and embrace the so many emotional sides of me.

Today, I am giving you something different of what you are used to see. Goodbye the wavy hair extensions: say hello to my new haircut! Not only I don’t wear my hair extensions for this particular photo shoot, but I went to the hair salon and got my hair cut real short.

I always wanted to redo an old fashion style photo shoot like I did for my “Crimson Fever”. Simply because when I wear my hair like this, I can still see a little bit of my grand-ma (when she was young), a lady that played an important part in my childhood and teenager life. My great friend Catou wanting to redo this 30’s style on me, I went all the way, got my hair cut, and lived the moment. And this time, I wished to let out the tom-boy side of me. Do you like the black latex men straps and the way they trapped my humougous boobies between them? That baby is my final touch to this photo shoot!

I am curious to know if you like this look, this side of me… As usual, I will read your comments with high interests. And now, enjoy my sensual slideshow my loves 

Latex: HW Design & Polymorphe
Photo: Martin Perreault
MUA: Catherine Lavoie

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6 years ago

Love your make up. Very vampish.

Jan Leven
Jan Leven
6 years ago


Russell Taylor
6 years ago

A very different look for you Bianca, and I must say I like it a lot!! The whole feel is very Germanic; the outfit looks a lot like a latex version of the classic German Lederhosen, the hair & make up are very sexy, yet quite severe at the same time. Quite a dominant look in many ways and it’s achingly cool!!!!!

6 years ago

i LOVE this style and this set. the shorter hair looks great too <3

6 years ago

La coupe de cheveux année 1930 vous vas super bien. Combien de temps pour arriver a ce résultat ? Cela donne un petit côté plus sexy que d’habitude 😉

6 years ago
Reply to  matt1986

je peux faire ce genre de coiffure quand je n’ai pas mes extensions. ca prend une coiffeuse par contre car je n’y arrive pas toute seule

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