Bedroom Invitation [VIDEO]

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One true fact about me is when I’m home, I do spend some of my time entirely naked or simply dressed up with lingerie. The feeling of being fully nude in my flat is somehow quite liberating for both my body and soul. Yet I admit that lingerie will always hold a special spot in my heart. After all, way before I discovered my latex fetish, I was spending most of all my savings on flirtatious lace and satin underwear that I could find at some local lingerie stores.

Today, after the 4 breast augmentation surgeries that I had, my boobies are at the maximum size of silicone implants allowed by Health Canada which is 800cc. This means I am now a full and round 32FF cup size. It has become simply impossible for me to find at local lingerie stores bras that fit my puppies as these stores don’t carry sizes bigger than a D cup.

This is where the Internet comes really handy my friend as in order to still fulfill my passion for lingerie I now gotta shop online. It’s actually kind of fun to buy something on an online store, then forget all about it as the days or weeks passes, and then get all excited to open the delivery package when it comes home: It almost feels like Christmas. :-D

This time, I gotta say I totally forgot about this new order I had placed on a UK store a couple of weeks ago. When I discovered this sweet baby blue & pink lingerie amongst my new goodies, my heart just jumped with joy. Yes, it’s not a secret: I love colors.

So one snowy afternoon here in Montreal, I dressed up with my new sexy lingerie that fits perfect my huge boobs, I paired it up with some pink fishnet pantyhose, my fuchsia pumps, did my hair & make-up, put on some lascivious music and voilà! I was ready to kick this private & intimate party. Yeah baby!

So now the question is why do you stand over there while you could accept my sexy bedroom invitation and join the fun? If you must know, I will strip off my new sexy lingerie and I will satisfy your pervy mind with my bombshell body :-p

Photos: Martin Perreault
Location: Montreal, Canada

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