Private Afternoon Delights – VIDEO

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Being an erotica model is sure a lot of a fun especially when it comes to traveling the world. I not only travel to attend fetish events where I meet some crazy & fun people but also to wander here and there on the planet, discovering the hidden gems it holds for me. All my trips have been very life enriching, sometime exhausting and challenging, but always worth it. And yet, to quote Dorothy, there’s no place like home! ;-)

My home in case you don’t already know by now is Montreal in Canada where winter this year seems to never want to end. At the very moment I am writing these lines, a crazy blizzard just hit us and left us with 30cm of snow. When I take a sneak peak outside from my window, all I can see is a white thick carpet covering up not only the streets but the cars too. I mean, totally covering up the cars, not just half of them!

It sure does look pretty but between you & I, I’m not so much into winter sports, cold weather nor snow therefore I would rather spend my afternoon cozy at home, dressed up with sexy lingerie and flaunting it all for your pervy eyes. So that’s exactly what I did!

I put on my fuchsia bra that encase my perfectly round FF huge boobs, I paired it up with its matching Brazilian panties, I then put on some purple heels, light make-up and voilà! I was all prepped up to conduct this lovely and intimate photo session. Let’s just say it’s much better doing that than freezing my French-Canadian ass shoveling the snow off my car!

So who’s in to spend this cozy yet sexy afternoon with me?? As always, you are more than welcome to join my intimate pleasures :-p

Photos: Martin Perreault
Location: Montreal, Canada

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