Your Order Status, OCT 9th 2019

2019, October 9th

Dear customer of,

I have received a few email requests this week from some of you asking me the status of your order at, more specifically regarding the delivery of my new Products such as my Calendars 2020, my new Poker Playing Cards, and the newly updated re-edition book Fetish Sex Symbol 2020.

This is a friendly reminder to inform you that we are still in pre-order state, as the products above are currently in production still.  We are still on target for our estimated delivery.  Here’s the production status of each product, with an estimated time on shipping:

  • CALENDARS 2020:
    currently being mass printed at print shop.
    ETA shipping: OCT 16 to OCT 21.
    currently in queue to be printed at print shop.
    ETA shipping: OCT 21 to OCT 25.
    currently in queue to be printed at print shop.
    ETA delivery shipping: OCT 29 to NOV 7.

Please note that orders will be shipped when all products from the order are available, and will be processed in priority of orders received.

You will receive an email notification when your order is being shipped, with an estimated time on delivery (usually approximately 2-3 open days in Canada, 7-10 open days in USA, 10-12 open days to Europe, 18-21 open days International).

I thank you for your order and for supporting my modeling with your recent purchase! If you have any questions, simply reply to this email.

Oh, and if you haven’t ordered the book Fetish Sex Symbol 2020 yet, either because you already own the original one from 2006, or because you missed it on the store, let me tell you: this edition is an absolute marvel! ❤️  All sections of the book were updated with photos originally left on the cutting floor, with new texts, and new photos from 2006-2019.  This is definitely a Collector’s Item you won’t want to miss (I’m printing only 300)! If you already have an opened order and want to order the book, simply process a new order and add a NOTE in the Custom Note field saying “PLEASE COMBINE THIS ORDER TO MY PREVIOUS ORDER #XXXX”, and I will combine the shipping with your first order so you can receive everything together in the same package. ? xxx

Thank you!

– Bianca

NOTE: This reminder is sent to all customers registered to my online store. If you haven’t processed your order yet for my Products 2020, you can do so now and have FREE SHIPPING* during my PRE-ORDER SALE, which will end as soon as we start shipping the products.

* see details on store for eligibility