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Deliciously sexy Bianca Beauchamp Calendar, limited edition.

This SPECIAL EDITION is composed of rare photos from Bianca’s very first photoshoots.  All photos have been REMASTERED from Bianca’s 35mm Film Archives.  The film strips were carefully digitally scanned, and then remastered in Lightroom and Photoshop for an up to date fresh look on Bianca’s early beginnings as the very first latex fetish model online, back when Fetish was taboo and the job as a latex models simply did not exist as a way to make a living.  Revisit those wonderful years with Bianca’s handpicked selection of her best photos from this magical time.


– Limited Edition!
– Glossy, thick quality pages.
– Spiral Bound Calendar for best quality! (not cheap staples!)
– hand picked photos approved by Bianca Beauchamp !

purchase Bianca’s personal autograph AND official 3D Stamp Steal to increase the value of your collectible calendar!

– Bianca’s Autograph available.
– Official BIANCA BEAUCHAMP 3D STAMP SEAL available.

SPECS: 23cm x 31cm (9″x12″) , spiral bound
PHOTOS: One photo per month (12 photos) + Cover + Back Cover = 14 photos total.

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